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Latest news from Duolabs:


01 February, 2013

New Diablo 2 GSM
First Conditional Access Module in the World with GSM connection.

01 August, 2012

New Diablo CAM 2 HW 2.6
New WiFi Chipset much more powerful.
Check on your hardware version on CAM Menu.
Label on the CAM marks 2.5 still!


11 June, 2012

New Diablo CAM 2 PRO
Multi descrambling up to 64 PIDS!


06 December, 2011
Diablo CAM 2
New Diablo CAM Wi-Fi
Two big card readers is now on the market!


04 October, 2010
Diablo CAM 2
New QBox mini available, please check on products page.


18 November, 2009
Diablo CAM 2
New Diablo CAM 2 available, please check on products page.

New D-Module web site

05 May, 2009
QBoxHD on sale
QBoxHD finally available! Please watch the YouTube Video

Source code web site:

official website: www.qboxhd.com

06 October, 2008
QBox one
QBoxone available!
Look at the press release here:

Press review here.



Duolabs is an audiovisual technology provider pioneer.

Duolabs provides high technology solutions for content providers such as TV operators or third party companies.

With almost 10 years of field experience Duolabs solutions in contents protection (CAS Systems), C.A.M. (Conditional Access Module) and STB design and manufacturing are technologially advanced and innovative.

Duolabs designs its own products from the idea to the final stage of the product through the schematics design, PCB realize, SMT mounting, industrialization processes to the end product “Ready to GO”.

That's why we can say "Generation Ahead"

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