Diablo Cam 2 GSM - D-Module GSM
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DuoCrypt Conditional Access embedded.
GSM Conditional Access Module for DVB-S/2 - DVB-T/2 - DVB-C/2

Diablo CAM 2 GSM is a unique in its kind Conditional Access Modules (CAM) for Common Interface host devices with GSM 2G Connection.
It is capable to descramble MPEG2 and MPEG4 Transport Streams in DVB format with advanced and fast PID filtering.

Diablo CAM 2 GSM embeds Duo Crypt Conditional Access System.
DuoCrypt is a DVB certified CAS (CAID: 4B03) with cost effetive implementation.
DuoCrypt offers a Smartcard-less solution for small and big content providers working in Simulcrypt with existing Conditional Access Systems.

In terms of security Diablo CAM 2 GSM is extremely secure thanks to the internal Control Word management directly connected to the Common Scrambling Algorithm.
No Control Word is ever exchanged with the outside world offering a real solution to Internet Key Sharing aka Card-Sharing problem.

Diablo CAM 2 GSM, why so innovative?

Innovation is given by the GSM connection which allows the device to connect to a GSM Network 2G surfing on the Internet in absence of a broadband connection.
GSM connection offers to providers the possibility to send selective Control Word to a specific device granting the vision of specific channels only and giving a feedback of what channels in on show at any time.
This opportunity enhances the security and a real time control on the broadcasted channels and more offers a feedback channel for statistics and market research based on watched channels and more.
On-Screen pop-up messages can be delivered directly to each single customer or range of customers. Commercial advertising can be directly offered to a specific group of customers.
Promotional subscriptions can be enabled based on watched-time per channel.
SMS Messages can be sent to a specific mobile number and can be shown directly on TV Set or Set-Top_Box OSD.

Diablo CAM 2 GSM is also hosting one smartcards in an exclusive design unique in its kind.

Hardware Features
  • ARM7TDMI @ 50Mhz.
  • FPGA @ 100Mhz processing speed.
  • RAM: Internal 16KB and External 1MB.
  • ROM: 256KB Internal Flash and 2MB Dataflash.
  • Secure J-tag connection.
  • 1 Smartcard Readers Plug-In format
  • 2 Unique serial Numbers internally lasered inside
  • Supports 3,3 and 5,0 Volts Smartcards
  • Quad-Band: 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
  • GPRS Multi-slot Class: 12Max. 85.6 kbps (uplink & downlink)
  • GPRS Mobile Station: Class B
  • 1 External GSM Antenna (included in the package)
  • 1 External 2A Power Supply (included in the package)

Software Features
  • PICO-OS Operating System.
  • Dataflash internal Filesystem FAT 12.
  • Fully programmable via PCMCIA secure protocol.
  • TCP/UDP Connection
  • SMS Reading via Common Interface.