OEM Products
Forklift Battery Charger Control Panel

July, 2014
by Duolabs

This product has been developed for a Forklift Batter Charger Manufacturer under customer's specification and with the addition of some extra features deployed by Duolabs.

This panel hosts a 2,8 Inches LCD color display to offer a great outlook and user-friendly User Interface. Notable intuitive icons makes the User Interface extremely easy to use.

This panel supports multilanguage menus UTF-8.

Accordingly to our experince with new technologies the panel embeds a Temperature and Humidity Sensor.

This device like all our OEM Products can be updated via USB using Windows or MAC OSX updating software. Each panel has a unique serial number to prevent unauthorized cloning enhancing market tracebility and warranty issues.

This device stores the charging history into the internal memory and can be extracted using the dedicated PC software to analyze battery charging processes.

A password secured menu is also available for authorized users only to change critical parameters.


Short Description

Forklift Battery Charger Control Panel