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Frequently asked questions

What is a Custom Design?

A custom design starts from the idea of making an electronic device and ends with the off-the-shelf product.
The process to get a final product passes through the definition of its features, design, mechanical parts and electronical parts.
The electronical part is what Duolabs does as core business activity but also can offer a side help to mechanical designers to fully match customer's specifications on the final product.

A custom design is a project that Duolabs develops under specific requirements on behalf of the customer and afterward becomes an OEM product.

What is brand new product roadmap?

The roadmap to successfully achive a working product on large scale product is the following:

  • Definition of product specification, features and target price.
  • Definition of technology to use accordingly to customer's needs with the supervision Duolabs.
  • Definition of mechanical and electronial dimensions.
  • Industrialization process to determine which parts to use to get ready for mass-production.
  • Electronical Schematic Drawing.
  • PCB Prototype.
  • Prototype assembly.
  • Firmware simulation. This part is particulary innovative, Duolabs delivers a PC software with a fully working and testable version of the firmware that will be implemented on the final product.
    The PC software called Simulator will be virtually work exactly as the final product and the customer can test its working flow, set conditions, test single function and discover possible bugs or functional misundersatanding from the intended working flow.
  • Firmware Implementation. This part may take days or weeks depending on what features the device must have. This is mainly a porting from simulated version shown on previous point.
  • First Test on the field.
  • Firmware or Hardware revision (if necessary).
  • Production of alpha series.
  • Test on the field
  • Certifications.
  • Mass Production PC Software.
  • Customer PC Software.
  • End User PC Software (if needed).
  • Mass Production.

  • Congratulations, project founded!

    What if I already have a product?

    Duolabs can help you in re-design an existing product and make it better using the latest technology avalable in the market.
    Thanks to years of experience and a chain of trusted suppliers Duolabs is always up-to-date with the lastest technology solutions.
    This is a show case of how a product looks like after Duolabs redesign/upgrade:



    In this specific case a new graphical LCD display of 2,8 Inches has been implemented, a Temperature and Humidity Sensor has been added, a Multilanguage GUI has been deployed in many serveral languages including non-latin characters like Korean, Russian, Greek, Thai and Chinese. Any language can be easily added just by a firmware update. External power supply range was enlarged from 220Volts only or 110Volts only to 110/220 Volts worldwide working release. Other stylish modifications have been applied to make the product not simply better but unique in its kind.

    Why should I try Duolabs while my supplier is already trusted and reliable?

    Electronic market changes in a heart beat. The majority of companies rely on trusted designs for years without caring much about innovation.
    A product review introducing new features is always profitable and not necessarily more expensive.
    Most of Electronic Designers do not spend enought time in Research and Development if they do not have specific requests from their customers. Once a winning flagship platform is designed it will be widely used on all products and remains unchanged for years based on large buffer stock of components and forecasts.
    This is not what Duolabs does! Every project is considered as a new project and if existing technology can fit all conditions it will be used otherwise it requires a more accurate research in designing a specific product neverminding a consolidated existing platform. If this strategy is not applied whenever a new challenge raises the technological gap will be hard to recover. Keeping your company always on-time is extremely important!

    Duolabs offers the opportunity to win this market challenges always providing ground breaking solutions and quick time-to-market products.
    If you feel you are not "cared" enought we are here to help you. Feel free to contact us for a free project evaluation.

    How does it work in terms of Developing costs?

    It depends from time to time but generally Duolabs offers a free project porting if an existing one is in place.
    For new project Duolabs makes a preliminary discussion on the business opportunity and strategies to match costs/return-of-investment variables.
    Duolabs tends to be flexible on a new start-up project offering the chance to be partner at fair conditions.

    Our philosophy on new business scenarios is to make a hand in hand relationship with the customer. If the customer is successful Duolabs is successful too. Operating under this strategy each project becomes a family project where all members have to give their tribute for the best.
    This is the reason why our customers strongly recommends us to others and this accomplishes our mission.

    How can I know if my project can be taken into consideration?

    Every project is entitled to become a profitable winning project. Duolabs examins and deals with every business opportunity.
    We do not underestimate any idea. Every challenge is a new frontier to go beyond!

    More questions?

    Do not hesitate to contact us.

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