About us
Every challenge is a new opportunity...

Who we are

A young team of people with a great know-how obtained in years of activity in DVB (Digital Video Broadcasting) Solutions.

We keep our horizons wide opened to new business opportunities and we take every project as a new exciting experience!

What we do

We offer our experience in electronic devices design for DVB Broadcasting, Home/Industrial control devices and IOT (Internet Of Things).

From PCB design to mass production we release prototypes, small productions, product industrialisation plans, device related PC and Mobile applications and more.
We deliver the final product from 1 to 1 million pieces.


Our up-to-date knowledge in new tecnologies is our strategy to offer new innovative products to our customers.

Our Skills

  • PCB Design.
  • FPGA VHDL Design.
  • Microcontroller Firmware.
  • GUI Design.
  • Device anti-clong solutions.
  • Large scale product indutrialization.
  • Database and Web Integration for devices.
  • PC / MACOS X / Linux Desktop Software.
  • Mobile Devices Apps.
  • Integrate Circuit Inspection.
  • Patent Deposit.
  • Encryption Algorithms.
  • Prototypes.
  • Small and large scale productions.
  • Programming Languages and OS

  • Variuos MCU Assembler.
  • C / C++ / C#.
  • Delphi.
  • Visual Basic.
  • Java.
  • Python.
  • PHP.
  • VHDL for PFGA.

  • Desktop:
  • Windows.
  • Mac OS X.
  • Linux

  • Embedded:
  • Linux Embedded.
  • Free RTOS.

  • Mobile:
  • Android.
  • iOS.
  • Windows Mobile.

  • Team

    Our team is based on senior engineers with years of experince.

    None one can be the best on all areas. That's why for some specific project's parts we rely on qualified and long term known external experts and partners.

    Duolabs History:


    Duolabs is Founded

    Cas Interface 1 and Plus Released. First CAM Programmer in the history.
    Cas Interface 2 iwth USB and Smartcard programming released.
    QBox One, Diablo CAM, Cas Interface 2, Cas Interface 3, Dynamite Programmer
    QBox HD, QBox Mini released.
    Diablo CAM WiFi, Diablo Cam LAN, Diablo CAM GSM, Stinger Smartcard programmer released.
    Over 2 Million End-User Devices under Duolabs brand sold.

    Technologies we use